About Us

Food feeds the stomach, but comfort feeds the soul. The culinary philosophy of Indus Flavour has been simple since 2011. We provide our customers with new-age experimental cuisine that retains the comfort of our favourite North-Indian food memories.
We aim to offer the highest quality with our aesthetics, flavour, and experimentation.
Dining at Indus Flavour is a complete experience in itself, filled with the deliciousness of bold Indian flavours.

Indus Flavour was founded by two brothers, Piyush and Sumit Agarwal, 3rd generation entrepreneurs who developed their business muscles from strong family roots in Rajasthan and Assam. Piyush, an MBA, and Sumit, a CA, wanted to revamp age-old North-Indian recipes and serve flavourful foods packed with goodness and nostalgia in Delhi, all while keeping the brand ‘Proudly Vegetarian.’